Spectacular action in ADAC MX Masters Photo: ADAC / Steve Bauerschmidt
Spectacular action in ADAC MX Masters Photo: ADAC / Steve Bauerschmidt

ADAC MX Masters with seven meetings in 2019

Six in Germany, one in Austria

Opener at MSC Fürstlich Drehna in April as usual. Finale in September again at the Schützenbühlring in Holzgerlingen.

The ADAC MX Masters will be starting its 15th season next year and will once again feature motocross action of the highest calibre on top-class tracks at seven meetings during 2019. Six races will again be held in Germany next year plus one in Austria. Entrants can register online for the four classes of the ADAC MX Masters as of 1st December.

The opening round of Europe's extremely popular race series traditionally takes place in Brandenburg's Dahme-Spreewald region. The very first race on the 1.65-km track at MSC Fürstlich Drehna (13th/14th April) will prove extremely challenging for riders, because its deep sandy surface requires a high degree of riding ability.

The second round will be held on the hard soil of the track at Möggers in Austria (1st/2nd June), and this classic grass circuit will pose a completely different set of challenges for riders. Möggers is located in a very picturesque area near Lake Constance close to the border between Germany and Austria.

In the third race at Mölln (29th/30th June), riders will have to deal with yet another different surface after the sand of Drehna and hard soil at Möggers. Mölln will be a fresh challenge, as loose soil is usually present on the track's hard surface, making it very slippery. Mölln is located about 50 kilometres east of Hamburg and is the first meeting taking place in the north of Germany.

The season will continue with the fourth meeting of the series just three weeks later, again in Schleswig-Holstein (20th/21st July). The 1.53-km track belonging to MCE Tensfeld eV is the second sandy circuit on the 2019 calendar of the ADAC MX Masters and will be real test of rider and equipment due to the heavy nature of the soil. Riders in the ADAC MX Junior Cup 85 will not be racing this weekend.

The second half of the season will kick off with the fifth of seven meetings in total on MSC Gaildorf's traditional circuit (10th/11th August). Several grands prix and many races at national level have been held in the past at the 1.65-km grass circuit. The ADAC MX Masters also likes to hold its races in Baden-Württemberg which are always a big draw for motocross enthusiasts. 18,000 spectators came to the ADAC MX Masters at Gaildorf this year and enjoyed a real festival of motocross sport.

The penultimate meeting of the 2019 ADAC MX Masters will be held on the weekend of 31st August/1st September at Bielstein's wooded track some 50 kilometres to the east of Cologne. The organising club, Motorsportclub Drabenderhöhe-Bielstein eV, is well established and can look back on a long and successful history. Its 1.65-km track has a number of sections that lead through sparse woodland, giving the event a very special character all of its own. Riders in the ADAC MX Junior Cup 125 will not be racing this weekend.

The finale will once again be held at the Schützenbühlring in Holzgerlingen, so for the fourth consecutive time, KFV Kalteneck eV will hold the last and most decisive meeting in the series (14th/15th September). The grass circuit there with its heavy clay soil can be seen in almost its entirety from practically all of the spectator stands, providing the perfect setting for exciting racing as the winners of titles in the four classes of the 2019 ADAC MX Masters are finally decided.

Riders can sign up for the 2019 ADAC MX Masters season online at adac-mx-masters.de/online-nennung as of December 1st, entering to join one of the four ADAC MX Masters classes according to their age. The ADAC MX Junior Cup 85 is for riders aged 10 to 15. The ADAC MX Junior Cup 125 is open to those aged 13 to 18. Riders aged from 14 to 21 are eligible to line up in the ADAC MX Youngster Cup. Pro riders and amateurs aged 15 and over can enter to join the ADAC MX Masters class. The final allocation of starting places will take place after the closing date.

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