The enrolment for 2019 starts on 1st December 2018 Photo: ADAC / Steve Bauerschmidt
The enrolment for 2019 starts on 1st December 2018 Photo: ADAC / Steve Bauerschmidt

Enrolment for 2019 starts on 1st December

Registration for the forthcoming MX season closes on 8th February

Evaluation session for newcomers to the 85 and 125 classifications in spring.

Preparations for the ADAC MX Masters 2019 are in full swing. The popular motocross racing series will enter its 15th season next year and once again promises exciting action in four classes over seven weekends. Enrolment for 2019 will begin on 1st December, when riders will be able to register for their respective class at A signed copy must be delivered by post to ADAC, arriving no later than the closing date on 8th February 2019.

For the second year running, the ADAC MX Masters will be contested in four classifications. The ADAC MX Junior Cup 125, which was inaugurated in 2018, was well received from the beginning and has proven itself in its debut year as an additional intermediate stage between the ADAC MX Junior Cup 85 and the ADAC MX Youngster Cup. In this way, the ADAC offers three graduated junior classes to optimally bring on the next generation of motocross stars and to channel them step by step to the Masters class.

The ADAC MX Junior Cup 85 and the ADAC MX Junior Cup 125 each have 48 contestants lining up at the starting gate. The coveted starting places will be awarded on the basis of prior sporting achievement of the drivers and also, in the case of unplaced applicants, by means of an evaluation course which will give the youngsters the opportunity to qualify for their respective class. The session will be organised by the ADAC for the ADAC MX Junior Cup 85 and ADAC MX Junior Cup 125 contenders, the venue and date to be announced in good time.

In the ADAC MX Junior Cup 85/125, ADAC MX Youngster Cup and ADAC MX Masters classes, starting places for the races will be determined by means of the established qualification system. In the Youngster Cup and the Masters class, so-called 'Last Chance' races will be contested on Saturday. In 2019, around 220 riders from more than 25 different countries will be competing for the four prestigious titles on each race weekend. In addition, there is prize money of around a quarter of a million euros at stake as well as prizes to be awarded by reputable manufacturers.

Advance ticket sales for the ADAC MX Masters 2019 will begin in mid-December. The tickets are available online at The series traditionally gets underway in Brandenburg on a weekend in April. MSC Fürstlich Drehna e.V. will once again host the opening fixture on its Rund um den Mühlberg track, which should suit the sand experts. Next up in June is the only excursion for the series into the neighbouring country of Austria, where the host venue will be Möggers, an attractively located circuit on a sun-drenched grassy slope overlooking Lake Constance. The third fixture comes soon after in late June and is in Mölln in the far north of Germany. Northern Germany is also the destination for the fourth race of the series and the start of the second half of the season, when the ADAC MX Masters riders will be competing on the deep sand of the MCE Tensfeld e.V. club circuit towards the end of July.

Round five takes place in mid-August on the spectacular grassy track at Gaildorf. The venue in Baden-Württemberg is a bastion of motocross - 18,000 fans came through the gates last year. The decisive phase of the series begins on 1st September, when the scene of the action shifts to the forest track at Bielstein. The outcome of one or more of the title challenges could even be decided here. Just 14 days later, any open titles are certain to be awarded in the grand finale at the Schützenbühlring track owned by the KFV Kalteneck e.V. club in Holzgerlingen.

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